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joy lives here

joy lives here

share their extraordinary story

We ease your worries about your loved one living in care by helping you tell their story, so people will know them as the wonderful person they are.

With a handful of family photos, we help you create a beautiful collage that proudly displays their abundant life journey.

A reminisart™ sparks conversations, turns strangers into friends,
and gives care teams insights to help welcome your person into their community.

Give your loved one’s life meaning, and help them feel like they belong.

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make your loved one a star!

It's easy. We help you pick a product size, choose your family photos, and upload them to our order form. No need to edit, adjust, or arrange your photos — we arrange them with care to make those memories shine.

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the reminisart difference

Unlike other collage-printing services, reminisart is about more than just printing the photos you send.

Our mission to uplift those in retirement living forms the heart and soul of what we do.

Our Story

professional creative team

unparalleled service

medical-grade material

why big photos?

We were very excited to present the collage to our grandmother.  She told us that she's always proud to display photos of her family; with this collage she can showcase pieces of her own story.


I just want to thank you for doing such a fine job of making Paul’s reminisart.  It is the real focal point in Paul’s room. It has already done what it is supposed to do—initiated conversation and reminiscing.


I’m speechless. It’s amazing. I thought in my mind's eye of what the final product would look like, but it's way more powerful and thoughtful.


Thank you so much, I love it! I am very happy with the arrangement of the photos.

These pictures have been in a box for years. It will wonderful to see them on his wall!