• My mother is ready to open her gift of a reminisart collage that shows family photos arranged on a vinyl backing

    celebrate your loved one's life story


celebrate your loved one's life story

change a patient into a person

We want to help you tell the remarkable life story of your loved one 
living in long-term care. 

We turn favourite photos of when they were young and strong into
beautiful wall art for their room. 

Putting their great adventures on display will change how we see them. 

Reminiscing about their best life with others will change how they see themselves.

“Such a great gift that brings Mom so much happiness .” 

showcase a superstar

smooth transitions

How to make a collage

Your love, close by

let's get you started!

make a collage in 3 easy steps

You find the photos that tell the story, and we turn them into a beautiful piece of art to honour your hero and bring their memories to life!

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1. select a size

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2. find photos & write captions

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3. scan photos & upload to our website

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we want your loved ones to know they are valued, and they belong

Our mission to uplift those living in care forms the heart and soul of what we do.

Our Story

why big photos?

Thank you so much, I love it! I am very happy with the arrangement of the photos.

These pictures have been in a box for years. It will be wonderful to see them on his wall!


We were very excited to present the collage to our grandmother.  She told us that she's always proud to display photos of her family; with this collage she can showcase pieces of her own story.


I just want to thank you for doing such a fine job of making Paul’s reminisart.  It is the real focal point in Paul’s room. It has already done what it is supposed to do—initiated conversation and reminiscing.


I’m speechless. It’s amazing. I thought in my mind's eye of what the final product would look like, but it's way more powerful and thoughtful.


“Mom looks at the poster like she’s 
watching a film –every day, every photo and the narratives to go 
with each one! 

It is truly "the gift that keeps on giving.”