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"this truly is a gift that keeps on giving"

grandma's happy

Grandma's proud of her life and her beautiful family. She knows we love her.

When we can't be there, the warm memories in her beautiful reminisart™ collage help her feel connected.

she loves her care team

start a collage here

dad's worries eased

Mum's memory care

more family stories

it's easy to make a collage

We work as a team. You find the photos that tell your grandperson's story, and we turn them into a beautiful piece of art.

deep dive into details

first choose a size

compare sizes here

why so big?

gather photos,

how to pick great pics

add a background,

backgrounds gallery

write captions.

caption organizer pdf

then, send us your photos!

You have two options, depending on your comfort with technology.

option a: scan and upload photos

scan like a pro

option b: mail photos to reminisart

mail-in order form pdf
A bit of work turns into a lot of fun and anticipation. Start planning the reveal party!
We're excited to get started. We put our heart and soul into uplifting those living in care.
Our Story

Thank you so much, I love it! I am very happy with the arrangement of the photos.

These pictures have been in a box for years. It will be wonderful to see them on his wall!


We were very excited to present the collage to our grandmother.  She told us that she's always proud to display photos of her family; with this collage she can showcase pieces of her own story.


I just want to thank you for doing such a fine job of making Paul’s reminisart.  It is the real focal point in Paul’s room. It has already done what it is supposed to do—initiated conversation and reminiscing.


I’m speechless. It’s amazing. I thought in my mind's eye of what the final product would look like, but it's way more powerful and thoughtful.


“Mom looks at the poster like she’s 
watching a film –every day, every photo and the narratives to go 
with each one! 

It is truly "the gift that keeps on giving.”