Reminisart "how to" guide

Making a Reminisart collage only takes three easy steps:

1. Decide on a size.
2. Gather pictures and captions.
3. Scan and upload.

A nostalgic moment between a son and his mom as they flip through cherished childhood photos in a family album
(If you have any questionscontact us and we'll help get you started.)
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1. Decide on a size.

You can put vinyl canvas on almost any painted wall. Think about where your loved one spends their time and what they can see without twisting or straining. Choose the largest size that fits, so that details are visible from across the room.

If the room is wallpapered, opt for a satin paper print. Small or medium collages will fit common frame sizes. 

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    2. Gather pictures and captions.

    This is the fun part! Gather friends and family to choose pictures that show your loved one's best life. Photos should be meaningful: think of special times, proud moments, and important people and places. 

    A touching moment between a father and his daughter sitting together to write the life story of their loved one.

      Write simple, short captions for each picture, and provide a short summary of your loved one for the whole collage—one or two sentences that tells their story, captures their essence, or shares their outlook on life. 


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      3. Scan and upload photos.

      Scan your photos (or have them scanned) as large, high resolution jpeg files. Do not crop, edit, or compress your files. If there's a picture you love and want to use but it's damaged, let us know: we can often restore damaged photos for a fee, and a copy will be sent to you to separately to keep. 

        That's it! Ready to get started? Let's go!

        Still not sure you've got it right? 

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