We hope the mothers, fathers, grandparents and caregivers who are part of the inspirational stories behind these collages will help you to create your own.(shared with permission)

Barbara: A twin and mom of five boys

It was a challenge for Barbara Thompson’s son to choose a mix of photos that would balance her youth growing up with a twin sister and her life as a beautiful woman managing five handsome men (six, if you count her husband).

A Reminisart family photo wall art filled with warm and lively family photos that bring joy to any room.

"It’s amazing... powerful and thoughtful." — Barbara's son

Studies have shown that, for those in cognitive decline, memories from the teens and twenties remain the strongest. This informed the choice of photos. A recent family photo gave context to Barbara’s life in the present.

Many of Barbara's caregivers knew her story, and to their delight, when the collage arrived, those stories came to life. 

About the barn: At the last minute, Barbara’s son found a reproduction of a family friend's painting of their beloved farm. It was Barbara’s favourite place, so our clever designer gave it a prominent position and used a portion, out of focus, for the background. It’s a reminisart team favourite!

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Mary: Our prototype darling

Mary is a proud grandmother with the most beautiful smile, the sweetest beau, and a deep love of dressing up to go out. We created collages from older black and white photos, and also collages of newer colour photos.

An artistic photo collage with a stunning cherry blossom backdrop, showcasing a mix of nostalgic black and white photos.

"We were very excited to present the collage to our grandmother. She discussed each photo with us with a smile, reflecting back on her life and meaningful moments. She's always proud to display photos of her family; with this collage she can showcase pieces of her own story." — Mary's granddaughter 

The feedback from Mary's granddaughter is a ringing testimonial of exactly why we do what we do. 

Wall art displaying a collection of photo prints, featuring a senior woman in joyful moments with family and friends.

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Paul: The big reveal 

This is Paul Flinn: father of five, grandfather of 12. 

Paul moved into long-term care in Halifax in the spring of 2020, a week before lockdown. His wife waited 64 days to see him.

We worked with his daughter in Toronto to create a reminisart for Paul. Every photo offers something for family, care partners, or visitors to talk about. 

A stunning 2 and a half foot by 5 foot collage of vintage black and white images showing the life journey of a Halifax man.

When we sent Paul’s collage to Halifax, the whole Flinn family gathered* for an unveiling to celebrate their beloved dad, husband, and grandpa ­— his adventures, his accomplishments, and the wonderful person he is.

An intimate view of an old man sitting in his room in a care home looking at a beautiful photo collage of fond memories.

Paul's wife sent a touching note: "I just want to thank you for doing such a fine job of making Paul’s reminisart. It is the real focal point in Paul’s room. It has already done what it is supposed to do: initiated conversation and reminiscing.” 

His family says he looks at his reminisart a lot. We couldn't be happier, and wish them all the very, very best. 

 *in their bubble

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A gift for caregivers and care teams

If you are a Designated Family Caregiver or part of your community’s Residents' Association, a prominently-placed reminisart honouring your care team will let them know how much they are valued.

Imagine a reminisart filled with pictures of all the wonderful people in your home!

An uplifting collection of photos printed on medical grade vinyl celebrating the dedication of a care team in a nursing home.

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