About Reminisart

Reminisart is committed to enhancing the lives of seniors, families, and providers in the long-term care industry with evidence-backed, image-based sensory tools. 

Photo of Reminisart founder Canadian Sylvia VerkleySylvia Verkley founded Reminisart after visiting a loved one in memory care and witnessing something remarkable: her loved one saw a newspaper ad featuring the company he had served for forty years, tore out the page, and kept it in his hand. 

In that moment, Sylvia realized what that piece of paper represented: comfort, grounding, reassurance, a familiar anchor in an otherwise unfamiliar setting.

If a newspaper ad could provide that, then pictures—treasured, personal pictures of important memories—would be even more meaningful. 

A seasoned creative director and producer of image-based content for multinational organizations, Sylvia has a profound understanding of the transformative and uplifting power of photography. Now, she uses her talents to tell the life stories of individuals living in care.

Each Reminisart collage represents an opportunity to spark conversations, deepen connections with care teams—and help everyone see the person inside.

Our vision

For everyone to see the person inside. 

Our mission

To be a catalyst for culture change in long-term care, provide tangible solutions that support relationship-based care, and center the people in care by telling their life stories so they can form meaningful connections with their community. 

    One collage. A hundred conversations.