Why Reminisart works

When you put a Reminisart collage in your loved one's room, you're using the power of pictures to tell the life story of the person now living in care. You're showing what's meaningful to them and what brings them joy in a way that's easy for everyone in their new community to see and understand.


Each collage:

1. Is a supporting tool for care teams. Because our collages are so big, care teams and support workers only need a single glance to get a deeper understanding of your loved one's family, interests, accomplishments, culture, and history. The more your team knows about your person, the better they can keep them comfortable and content—and support your family, too. 

2. Creates a sense of belonging. A collage made for your loved one turns a room into their room. It tells them that they are welcome and that they belong. Familiar, well-loved pictures keep them connected to their inner abundance. Your loved one can feel at home and at ease with a beautiful reminder of who they are and how deeply they are cared for. 

Reminisart collage showing photos of a lifetime of memories

3. Fosters authentic communities. Worried about your loved one living among people who won't know the real them? A Reminisart collage provides a rich illustration of their story and spirit for everyone to see, turning strangers into neighbours. These connections come to life even if your loved one has memory loss, mobility issues, a language barrier, or can no longer speak. 

A lovely moment of a senior man sits with his arm around his wife, as they reminisce over memories in a cherished photo album.

4. Brings families and friends together. Behind the scenes, something wonderful happens when you create a Reminisart collage. Going over photos and writing out captions helps family and friends bond over shared affection for the star in the photos. Adults reminisce or learn new details about their loved one, and children get to see their grandparents in a different way. 

When you can't be there, Reminisart helps you showcase your loved one's incredible life and remind everyone what's in their heart.