the power of a reminisart™

A reminisart filled with photos of your loved one's journey is something you do for them, and is all about them. It will help them stay connected to the abundant life they lived, feel proud of their accomplishments, and hold on to their sense of self. Familiar photos that they see every day will help ground them, and will help make a room their room.

When you put a reminisart in your loved one's room, you are also helping them to make connections in other ways that are vital to their well-being.

If you worry about them living amongst strangers, a reminisart makes a smashing first impression in the community. There may be parts of your parent's life journey that some people share, and others wish they had shared! Photos will resonate with their new neighbours on their own level (not yours!), and maybe some will notice that youthful spirit in their heart again. These connections that happen through your loved one's photos will help them feel acknowledged and most importantly, like they belong, easing isolation and loneliness. 

When you build a reminisart for your person, you are helping your family stay connected to them when you can't be there. Behind the scenes, a wonderful thing happens when you gather photos for a reminisart - you give your family, your siblings, your kids, something productive to do. It's easy to feel helpless, especially now. A family debate over which photos to include in the collage becomes a moment for your team to bond over shared respect for the star in the photos.

We know that children dread visiting seniors in care because that world is so far away from their own. But seeing a photo of their grandparent in their youth closes the age gap. Your kids or grandkids might even see themselves in their grandparent's shoes. Well, different looking shoes... and there's the connection that sparks a conversation spanning 3 generations!  

Nurse laughing with senior

You've probably noticed your loved ones’ memories work better in the past, and falter in the present. They can confidently recall stories behind old photos in great detail. For a senior whose words are often mixed up or forgotten, being able to tell a whole story about their life helps them feel interesting, acknowledged, and successful, which is a lovely thing.

Especially if your person is living with dementia, or can no longer speak, a reminisart allows them to tell us their story without having to speak.



Senior couple with photo album


A reminisart is a supporting tool for care teams.  They are skilled at balancing a resident's clinical and therapeutic needs with who they are as a person. The more they know about your loved one, the easier it will be to keep them comfortable and content. Photos of a person in their former familiar and social world revealing their background, their personality (maybe hidden inside now), their sense of style - all will help them understand your parent better and deepen their connection with them and with your family too. 

So whether your loved one is in retirement living with a sharp mind, but perhaps a slowing body, or in memory care, a reminisart showing them at the prime of life helps them hold on to their sense of self, and feel proud of the life they’ve led, and feel happy about what remains in their heart.

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