my grandparents' fascinating story

This blog was provided to us by a customer who ordered a reminisart™ for her grandparents.

Walking down memory lane can be fascinating, especially when it’s someone else taking you through their memories.

A black and white vintage photograph of a happy south Asian couple on their wedding day wearing traditional wedding outfits.

The process for selecting photos for my grandparents’ reminisart™ was an incredible and eye-opening process. I pulled out a big box of their photos from when they were kids in India and Kenya, sat down in their living room and started to go through all of the photos with them. As their grandchild, I have only ever known them as the people they are in the later parts of their lives.

It was fascinating as I went through each photo, to see them in their youth and to hear each story behind the photos. For once, the stories of “when I was young” didn’t seem so tedious. I heard about the important places and people in Kenya and their story of immigrating to Canada.

I can honestly say that I have never admired them more after taking out an hour of my day to do this with them. They were overjoyed that I wanted to hear about their lives and that they were able to share parts of them that I didn’t know about.

This made me think about the little things that you don’t think matter as much but can have a significant impact on someone else. I never thought about how happy my grandparents would be if I sat with them and just talked to them about their lives.

A mother, her son, and his wife standing in their kitchen smiling, show the fun in candid photos.

To me, that isn’t a big deal, but to them, it shows how much I love them and allows them to look back on some of the most joyful times in their lives.

I can’t wait for them to get their reminisart™ and show everyone who goes to see them the photos from their life story. They can talk about some of the most important events, places and people with anyone. I know that the smiles brought to their faces when we were going through that box of photos will appear each time that they look at their collage.