a life in 8 pictures: picking photos for your collage

We know it can seem like a lot: combing through that huge box of photos in the attic or a stack of albums to find the perfect images that capture a life richly lived.

How do you pull together the perfect collection of photos for your collage? Do they all have to be the same size or type or quality? How do you arrange them?

Rest easy: the only part you need to do is choose your loved one’s favourite photos. The reminisart professional creative team will do the rest.

No need to stress over choosing the right kind of photos either, or digging until you find six or eight. Some people choose only one incredible image. Here’s a secret: as long as they’re all great shots, we’ll turn them into a beautiful, elegant work of art.

The one thing we do know is for people with dementia, their strongest memories come from their teens, 20s and early 30s. If you can find photos from that time of their life, we know it can improve their engagement.

To help get you started, here are a few types of photos to put in a collage. (You don’t need a photo from each category, and it’s OK to have more than one photo in any category.)

Black and white photo of smiling mother and baby
  • A portrait. A candid of your loved one mid-laugh, or a professional portrait of them dressed in their finest — the best portrait is one where their personality shines through their eyes.
  • A family photo. A photo with parents, siblings, or children provides a wonderful illustration of your loved one’s roots, whether they come from a large and boisterous flock or a small and intimate family. Family photos with kids can showcase some of the proudest moments of your loved one’s life.
Indian family in the kitchen
  • A community or group photo. Commemorate the many valuable friendships your loved one enjoyed.
  • A photo from a happy place. Whether that happy place was in front of the Eiffel tower, at the beach, or in a favourite armchair with a good book, a picture of your loved one in their happy place can bring it all back with one glance.

    Couple waving on a small boat
  • A special memory. Consider including a moment your loved one talks about with fondness: holding their newborn, in front of their first house, their retirement party, or playing with their dog.

    Black and white photo of young couple at prom
  • A wedding or anniversary photo. A photo with their other half will keep them feeling close to their beloved, even if it’s not always possible to be together in person.
  • A childhood or teenage photo. Celebrate the mischief and joy of your loved one’s younger days.

    Black and white photo of a child and pony
  • A photo from a trip or adventure. The right picture will evoke memories of that family trip back home, that cottage vacation, or standing in the midway at the CNE.

    Dad with kid in vintage powder blue car

Down to your last photo and can’t decide between two great shots? Go for highest quality — in-focus prints free of creasing or fading, and crisp, high-resolution digital images.

And don’t be anxious about sticking too closely to a theme or picking shots that ‘go together’ — the magic of reminisart is that you don’t have to.

Whatever photos you choose, we will compose an arrangement that is thoughtful, visually balanced, and, most importantly, honours the singular life and spirit of your loved one. We will create a beautiful gift that showcases the strength and beauty that lives inside them and gives everyone insight into what makes them remarkable. 

Your loved one’s cherished memories are in good hands. We promise. 

Ready to get started? Order your reminisart™ today.