the building process

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In 4 steps you can create a gorgeous collage for your loved one. 
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Step 1. Choose a size

The medical-grade vinyl canvas we print on is easy to apply, so it can go just about anywhere in a room. Think about how your loved one uses their room(s), where they like to rest and spend time, and where there is available space. Make sure they won't have to twist or strain their body in order to see their collage. Then choose from one of our four sizes. Your selection will determine how many photos you need. 

If their room is wallpapered, it may be better to choose a small horizontal or vertical which is sized to fit a frame usually available in many home stores. If so, please indicate this on the order form and we'll print your collage on poster-grade paper. 

Top tip: If you have to move an existing picture to make space for your reminisart™, our vinyl canvas is thick enough to cover the hole from the framing hardware.
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    Step 2. Get creative

    This is the fun part.

    • Gather your photos. For families, taking a trip down memory lane and learning new things about your loved one is a bonding and constructive process. Not sure where to start? Check out our guide on how to pick meaningful images. (For a deeper dive on the positive impact of photography for those in cognitive decline, read up on the power of a reminisart™.)
    • Write your captions. Captions are the conversation starters, a way to channel your loved one’s voice. Keep them simple and short to avoid crowding the text. Consider describing the people, dates, activities, or locations in the photos.
    • Wrap it up with a story. The 'Brief story' is one or two sentences that sum up the narrative or 'theme' being told through your loved one's reminisart™.
    • Choose your background. Upload your own background, select one of our exclusive backgrounds, or let our designer pick for you. Our collection is always evolving — if you want something different, let us know in the 'Comments' field of our order form. We'll let you know directly if it's possible to source.

    Once you're satisfied with your mix of photos and captions, it’s time to get technical.  

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    Step 3. Scan and upload

    Scan your images, or have them scanned as high resolution jpeg files. Once scanned, upload your images into our order form one at a time, starting with a favourite photo first. 

    Top tip: Be sure to keep your pictures in a separate folder until our team can confirm all is well with your images.

    Don't worry too much if some of your favourite photos don't seem to match, or are a little off in colour. It's part of our service to make them all work together as a group by 'optimizing' them, balancing tones and retouching obvious marks. 

    Restoring photos: Damaged photos can be restored for an additional fee. Select which photos you want restored. Restored photos will be emailed to you separately once complete.

    Once all your images are uploaded, your captions are filled in, and all boxes are ticked, click 'Add to cart' to input your information and authorize payment. We'll take it from there.

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    Step 4. Approve your proof

    Our creative team will retouch, enhance, and compose your photos and captions in a thoughtful and visually striking way. We’ll send you a proof for approval, and once you give us the OK, we’ll print, pack, and ship your gorgeous reminisart to you. 

    Ready to get started? Order yours today!