choosing a background

Wrap your photos in a theme like a favourite colour or a beautiful landscape that has meaning. Consider the options below, then enter your preference on the order form you are using. Want to chat about how your photos will work, and if the background you’ve picked is right? Please call. We love to help!


  • Pick a background image from our collection below. 
  • Thinking of something else? Make a special request.
  • Leave it up to our artists to choose something that compliments your photos.
  • Be creative and include your own photo to use, perhaps something that is meaningful for your loved one. Remember a lot of the background will be hidden by your loved-one’s photos.

All themes shown below are in the horizontal format but can be adapted for a vertical format collage. They are shown here in full colour. When we put them behind your photos, we fade them enough so they don't detract from the photos.

1 - Mirrored Clouds - cool blues and a flat lake is calming and serene.
2 - Forest Ferns - evokes a quiet walk in cool earth.
3. Georgian Bay - reflecting the Canadian Shield.
4. Rocky Mountains - especially if skiing is a passion.
5 - Cherry Blossoms - light, delicate and pink to pretty-up a room.
6. Autumn Stream - ultra warm colours will bring so much colour to a room.
7. Wheat Fields - for those missing the prairies.
8. Maple Leaves  - bright green jaunty angles add life to a room.

Request a landscape from the home country. Suggestions here:

9. Tuscany - warm and cool at the same time.
10. Nagin Lake, Cashmir - rich jewel tones.
11. Dutch Tulips - such colours against the sky!
12. Peggy's Cove - For our maritimers.

Request a pattern to reflect your heritage, similar to these:

13. Chinese Dragons - or request your own cultural symbolism
14. Blue Tiles - found in many European kitchens
15. Scottish Tartan - let us know which is your family clan.
16. Old World Map - for the historian or explorer